Fenced enclosures for Tree Nursery

Hello everyone,

It is amazing how things fall into place.

Ellena mailed the last batch of seeds to Fredrick on May 1st but I did not put the Post Office Box number in the address I gave her so the seeds did not make it. Live and learn!

Now My friend Erin is going on a trip to many countries in Africa and will take 100,000 pepper seeds plus a variety of other seeds and mail or courier them to Fredrick in July 2013.

This is the package I am getting ready for Erin to take.

Note the seeds in jars now in a plastic bag in the 2nd photo.

100,000 sweet pepper seeds + variety of other seeds

100,000 sweet pepper seeds + variety of other seeds


Once Fredrick gets the seeds he can start handing them out 100 per envelope and then start collecting 25 tree seeds in the plastic milk bags so we can grow more trees. He has already collected some tree seeds himself but I want to start the three step Silozi Seed Bank project trial.

It will take at least 1 year for the trees to be hardy enough to sell to the national & private game parks to feed Elephants.

I am hoping Erin can mail them or send them via DHL or Fed Ex. I am still working out the details.

From my research it will cost me approximately $184.00 to send the seeds from Toronto via DHL and I hope to send them every two months as that is how long it has taken to collect 100,000 seeds this time.

Fredrick has to build pole and grass fenced enclosures for the tree nursery so people don’t steal the growing seedlings. I think that should cost about $200USD.

If you can spare $5.00 or $10.00 to donate to build these fences I would really appreciate it. You may donate from your credit card via pay pal. just click on the link below. Thank you so much!



2 responses to “Fenced enclosures for Tree Nursery

  1. we think it’s pretty cool you’re doing this, and we’ve made a small contribution to your cause. Thank goodness there are people like you in the world!!

    Jay, Millie and Jami

  2. Thank you so much guys! It really means a lot to me especially since Jami came with me to Zambia the first time. I am sure she can visualize and appreciate the need and challenges the Lozi people have to deal with on a day to day basis. Stay Blessed! Joanne

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