Watermelon with seeds please!

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I started my trial seed garden around May 15th.

It is only about 6′ x 8′ but I managed to fit quite a few plants and seeds into it.

I cheated and bought some plants that were already started.

I knew it was early and I was a bit concerned about all of this cold weather we have been having this spring. I even covered everything with plastic bags on the night they predicted frost.

I learned a great trick from my mother in law to stop grubs from eating the leaves without killing them by drowning them in beer.

You put crushed egg shells around the plants and the grubs don’t like to pass over the sharp broken shells.

I think I will try crushing them by hand in future though as the blender turned some of them into powder.

Here they are spread around the plants


Here is my seed garden now as of June 13, 2013. I say seed garden because I will be letting a lot of it go to seed so I can collect the seeds to send to Africa.

I have planted:

broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, climber beans, cucumbers, yellow zucchini, green onions, basil, thyme, rosemary, organo from plants.

red & white potatoes, sunflowers and sweet peppers of course from seed

coriander, tarragon, parsley and cherry tomatoes came up from seed

in the ground from last year.

I  have  a blackberry & blueberry bush squeezed in there as well.

Isn’t it beautiful!

Through saving seeds to send to Africa I have learned more than my stomach can handle. I say my stomach because I feel sick when I think of the way Monsanto, Dow and many companies are destroying our food supply by genetically modifying our vegetables.

Round up is a Monsanto pesticide that kills plants. Monsanto developed a genetically modified canola seed that is not susceptible to Round Up.

In 1997 Round up was introduced in Canada and three farmers in Saskatchewan planted round up resistant canola. Their farms were adjacent to 70 year old Percy Schmeiser’s farm.

Canola is a self pollinating crop so the Round up resistant gene is spread to surrounding fields naturally.

Monsanto sued Percy Schmeiser in 1998 for planting Round up proof canola seed which he didn’t plant. Therefore a farmer who has been saving CLEAN seed each year to re plant would have the round up resistant gene in his seeds if it was planted next to a Round up crop.

If you want to read more just do a google search on Monsanto in Canada. There are many cases where Monsanto has sued farmers for using their PATENT seed and now thankfully many farmers are suing Monsanto for having their seed on farmers fields who never planted it.

We Must Stop Monsanto or we will not have CLEAN seed much longer.

I wanted to buy a watermelon so I could save the seeds for Africa. I went to Sobeys and was told that they don’t order anything but SEEDLESS watermelons.

I was also told I could get one at Knob Hill Farms so I went there and bought one.

I subsequently emailed Sobeys to show my distain and emailed Knob Hill Farms to thank them and tell them to keep up the great work.


Out of these two pieces of watermelon I got 59 seeds.

Wish me luck that they grow in Africa.

I will plant one in my trial seed garden and see.

So if you have a watermelon this summer, save the seeds as they may not be around much longer.

Also if anyone has any seed from those beautiful field tomatoes from days gone by, save those or donate a few to The Toronto Seed Bank. They will put them in a vault.

Save Those Seeds. Thankx


9 responses to “Watermelon with seeds please!

  1. How many ways, how many times can I say thank you to you for your steadfast courageous thinking and actions?
    Bless you for all.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Like you, I am sure, I can’t help it. I wish I could do more!
      Thank you for sharing what you have learned. I sent the article about us being Guinea Pigs to my facebook friends.
      All the best and keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for your support.
    That post was directly about the monster Monsanto~
    A company that neither of us have any respect for, obviously!

    • I noticed you have posted a list of famous people who support animals and who wear fur.

      Would you have a list of all the companies who produce GMO seeds or pesticides?

      I know of Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson.

      Just curious if you had that info handy?

      Thanks Joanne Funny, you are Gater Woman & I am Med Woman. Thats my day job!

  3. Oh how I wish I did for your sake.
    But, no I do not.
    Google ???
    Have you seen that recent wonderful film about the seeds?
    It was very powerful.
    My name is Donna, the name “gator woman” is connected to my Florida Endangered Wildlife web site:
    http://www.gator- woman.com
    It is wonderful to know you~

    • No, I haven’t seen the film about seeds. Where can I see it? Thanks Donna Yes, I will google the list when I get a chance. I am in the midst of writing grant proposals for The Silozi Seed Bank & Trees for Elephants. Just curious! How did you happen on my blog?

  4. I saw it on PBS station here in Orlando. Don’t know the name of it.
    Sure it was when I checked my Reader for people writing about animals.
    I want to know who is out there and what they are writing about.
    You too?

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