I Can now imagine what it is like to not have running water.

We are renovating our kitchen and my wonderful husband Carl has set me up a kitchen in our dining room. For those of you who do not know,  Carl is a carpenter. I would call him a Master carpenter but I am not sure if you need someone else to give you that designation, other than your wife. He is a carpentry teacher by day and a renovator by night and he had his own business for 20 years prior to teaching woodworking.


These are my old kitchen cupboards.

See my dish washing tub lent to me from my always helpful mother in law.

2 burner hot plate

coffee centre

water jug


my kitchen table

the cabinets Carl made

The washroom is blocked off so I have to go upstairs to get water.

Plastic keeping out the dust.

So even though I am getting a taste for what it is like to have to work for my water but I can not really imagine what it would be like to be without running water.

One final thing!

For those of you who wonder how I save the seeds here is a picture.


The seeds are drying on parchment paper as paper towel may cause the seeds to  start to grow.

Note the sticker in the top right corner. This pepper is from Canada while most of the  seeds I have saved from over the winter were from Chili, Mexico, Argentina, South America. Therefore they will grow in a hot climate like Zambia.


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