Victoria Fall-V.S.-Niagara Falls

Sorry I know I said I was done that series but Carl’s cousin Debs asked how the two compared and I was responding to her so I thought I would share with all.

Thanks Debs!

Here are all of our pictures from VictoriaVictoria Falls and they too do not do it justice. When we were there the water was really low as it was the dry season Aug.24-26/2012 and they take some of the water from the river to run government projects. Not quite sure what but the water was lower than the year before. Some seasons you might as well just wear you’re bathing suit as you get soaked just walking around.
Plus you are a lot closer to these falls that Niagara. There are many open areas with fences so it can be very scary.
Baboon’s everywhere
 The bridge is where they bungi jump from and the bridge goes to Zimbabwe.
 See our shadow on the skinny bridge
 That is also Zimbabwe where you see the small people standing on the edge.

  It is also different in that you walk all along these paths to see different views. It is really cool and definitely not the tourist trap shopping like Niagara.

  The Boys Brigade from the Catholic Church of Zambia who sang for us were all down in the river and the security guard told them all to get out of the water.

  Mr Livingstone statue.

 I went off to sit at a picnic table to have a rest and Carl continued around a corner to see what was there.
 these are the pictures he got that I didn’t see.
He came back to the picnic table and I asked him if he had been eating some berries.
He said no. There was a young couple around the bend and he turned quickly to avoid embarrassment and face planted a thorn bush!
Well, sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing. In between my bouts I did manage to say that I hoped they were not poisonous. I gave him one of my benedrill from my swollen face and he was fine in an hour.

  Carl asked this gentleman if he could have his picture taken with him. His response was that he would like some food. I said “Oh I am sorry I didn’t bring any food” Carl gave me a look knowing my sometimes naive personality and smiled. Then I went OH! and gave him 20,000kw, about 4usd.

 Carl got his pictures.

  We then walked through The Zambezi SUn ( Hotel) grounds and had lunch by the pool. It was great. These room start at about 600usd/night I think

 Then we got on the free shuttle bus and went to sit on the patio of The Royal Livingstone. I think theses rooms about 800usd a night to start.

  The views of the spray going over the edge of the river were great. I didn’t have a 14usd Margarita this time.

  Carl’s parent’s had been to Livingstone probably 30 years ago and I was trying to find the hotel they stayed it. I think we determined it had been torn down, but this was a nice place

  Then we went to watch the sun go down at The Waterfront Cafe and met the resident cat. he hung out with us most of the time we were there.

Then back to Green Tree Lodge as Carl loved the food Andrew cooked.

We had a nice dinner and off to bed! Goodnight!


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  1. Love t he photos…how spectacular.


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