Artic Footprints- Renu the polar bear, Stepping out of the Past Series

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cubs in dens

I thought of this idea and wrote this poem Nov.13, 2010.

I intended to have a native artist do the illustrations for me but everyone I contacted did not get back to me.

I then went to my son’s high school, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts in Toronto and left my contact info and the poem in the art teachers mail box asking if she had a student that could draw a polar bear.

Then Misha Harding,  17 yrs old contacted me and she finished the drawings in 2011.

Well I have finally published it. I hope you like it.

If you double click  Arctic Footprints  below it should open up the book. I find it easier if you read the poem first and then go back to read the fact flakes.

Arctic Footprints

Best, Joanne

I have another blog in mind but if you are getting bored I will not be offended if you stop reading mine. I feel like they are kinda my life story lately.


4 responses to “Artic Footprints- Renu the polar bear, Stepping out of the Past Series

  1. Very interesting diagram. Polar bear condo!!!!


  2. Deborah Le Vene-Page

    It’s people like you, that have passion, that make things happen J

    Well done, let’s hope this helps the polar bears x

  3. Hi Joanne, The book is wonderful!!! I hope you get lots of response (and money!!!) for this. How much are you charging for the book? Is it soft or hard cover?

    Hope you and Karl are doing well, happy new year to you both.

    Love, Deb


  4. Hi Deb. Thanks for your kind words. It is doing pretty well so far. I am pleased with the response. I am charging $15.00 for the book and it is a low gloss laminated soft cover. Good for children as you can wash it.
    It is on no chlorine, recycled paper using environmentally friendly forested trees. I hope to be able to build the artificial Island one day to help at least one bear in my life time.
    I have received a quote of $2500.00 to build the island out of dock platforms but the expensive part is getting a helicopter to drop it to a struggling bear. We shall see how it all goes. Thanks again, Joanne

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