Victoria Falls-Livingstone, Zambia

As Carl says” You cannot go to Zambia without going to Victoria Falls. It is one of the seven wonders of the world.”

So for my final blog of this series, I give you Victoria Falls. This picture does not do it justice, it is only one section,  but I want you to go there and see it for yourselves.


We took what is supposed to be the six hour bus ride from Lusaka to Livingstone, but we didn’t book with Mazhandu Family Bus Services and the bus ride was not air conditioned and it took longer. So keep that in mind you future fellow travelers. Mazhandu is the way to go and you have to buy your ticket the day before.

We arrived at  Green Tree Lodge which was under new management. It was great the year before but even better this year with Andrew and his wife Victoria. Andrew  is a trained chef. The food and accomodation were excellent and it is reasonably priced. Well worth the visit!You can check out their web site and I recommend booking directly with them.


Carl & I went to the Livingstone museum, recomended by Andrew which was also worth the visit and then went to the Falls. The day we were there The Boys Brigade from the Catholic Church of Zambia were there by the hundreds.

They asked me if I would be in their photographs and so Carl & I stood for at least 1/2 hour while they jumped in individually and took our pictures all the while switching their cameras. Then I asked if they sang. They said yes and this is what I taped. Click to watch the video if you received this by email it will go online.


The next day we went on an Elephant ride, a chance of a life time and we both loved it. We bought the video that they did of us and the whole group and I will treasure it always. We were riding Bop who is 56 years old. All of the Elephants are rescues and are very well taken care of and for me to say that and not feel sorry for them is a miracle.



2 responses to “Victoria Falls-Livingstone, Zambia

  1. yay!! I’m so glad you did the elephants!

  2. Deborah Le Vene-Page

    Happy New Year Joe!

    As always I have enjoyed reading your blog, just wondered how Victoria Falls compared to Niagra?

    The elephant ride looked amazing and you both looked so happy! J

    Debs x

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