Our last day in Kalabo

Well I am getting close to the end of our visit in Kalabo.

I got up early on Tuesday morning and made scrambled eggs with cheese and let Carl have a bit of a sleep in. You have to remember that we have not had coffee for 3 days now.

The sun coming up beside our chalet.

The sun coming up beside our chalet.


Scrambled egg making with just me and the wandering chickens

Then we all sat in front of our chalet and I explained what all of the medical supplies were for. Advil night time, advil cold & sinus, regular advil, etc.

Mualuka then said that Dominic wanted us to come to there chalet as he had something to say and here is what he said.

What more can I say?

I was trying very hard not to get emotional on this trip.

I felt good because I had accomplished what we had set out to do. I do wish though that we had talked more. It was a busy trip as we spent most of our time cooking but well worth it.

We watched them pack all of their suit cases in Fredrick’s car to take them to Mualuka’s canoe. They had a 10 hour paddle up river to get home.

We left ourselves and started on our way back to Lusaka.

I have to tell you about our trip back, but not tonight.

I will write soon.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!



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