Two Busy Days In Kalabo

The next two days were really busy!

After Carl & I unpacked and had a shower I marinated the steaks for dinner. This is my mothers signature dish. Here is the menu we had for the next 3 days all cooked on two round BBQ’s. A BBQ in Africa is called a Braai.

Menu for Kalabo

L- packed lunch from Kilimanjaro for Frederick, Carl & I.

D-We arrived late so they all ate in a neighbouring restaurant. I didn’t realize there were two restaurants in Kalabo. After we opened the gifts I made everyone a peanut butter & banana sandwich.

Sun      B-The family had eggs and buns served by the Community Guest House

L-Burgers, fried onions and BBQ sauce

D-soya sauce, garlic, brown sugar marinated steak, potatoes & onions in tin foil, spinach salad with Canned peaches.( the syrup served as the salad dressing). They had never tried peaches before.   Snack- avocado, corn salsa, bread

Monday-    B-pancakes, streaky bacon, maple syrup(Canada)

L- chili, peppers, carrots, onions, kidney beans.

D-curried rice with nuts & raisins, BBQ chicken

Snack-peanut butter banana, jam or honey wraps

Tuesday-   B scrambled eggs with cheese

Mualuka wanted to take us to the river and show us how the local people cross. There is also a pontoon boat for vehicles that need to get to the Liuwa Plains National Park to go on Safari.

The boys played soccer with the ball we brought while we waited for Dominic to return where he visited a friend’s wife who was in the hospital.

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I was so happy to meet Mualuka’s wife and youngest daughter. He has a set of triplets who are about 4 years old and I thought it was three girls so I brought 3 little dresses, 3 red hoodies and some colouring books & crayons. It turns out the triplets were two girls and a boy. I felt so bad but Mualuka in his always gracious way he said” That’s OK. Don’t worry, I can give the other dress to the youngest girl”. I said maybe Njamba would have some thing he could give to your son.

I tried to start cooking dinner early as it gets dark around 6pm and we didn’t have time for lunch. I think they only eat breakfast and dinner there anyway but we were so busy I didn’t have time to make anything.


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