God Bless You Max

We arrived at Nyoka Guest House and got settled in. The three boys shared a chalet, Mualuka, Frederick and Dominic shared another one & Carl & I a third and this is what they looked like. There is a picture of us last year on our last day together. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Carl & I unloaded all of the groceries onto the spare single bed in our room and the little fridge. I had a small table in our room that was my work station. I brought plastic plates donated by my sister Karen and plastic cutlery that was left at our cottage when we bought it. See the big jug of oil ( not gasoline) on the floor, that is like gold to them, very useful and hard to get in the villages. Carl was filling our stainless steel water holders with bottled water and Tang that I had brought from home.

We had purchased five hand made baskets in Lusaka at the Kabwata Cultural Village. There is not a lot of fruit in Western Province, it is all grown in South Africa so I made up a basket with apples and oranges for each room just in case they got hungry. They grow bananas but apples & oranges would be a treat.

We had gone to Kabwata Cultural Village to meet Max’s wife Fair. She is a nurse at the clinic there and I wanted to meet her. About a week before Max passed away ( complications from diabetes) I had spent $105.00 and purchased business cards, fridge magnets,2 hats, 2 T-shirts and 2 large sign magnets for the side of his buses online from Vista Print. I had chosen one of Vista prints logo’s and Wakmaf Bus Services Came to life. The name comes from Max & Fair’s initials.Max was laid off from World Vision in September 2011 after he & David had taken Jami & I to meet Njamba last August. Max was a go getter and managed to raise the money to buy two buses. An 8 & 30 seater to try and earn a living.

I was taking the advertising materials to surprise him but he didn’t get to see the surprise.

Max & Fair have five children so I hope they are able to use what we brought and continue the business. I only met Fair briefly and we hugged and cried but I now know what she looks like and I can see her and Max together in my mind. Max was an amazing man and will be dearly missed. I can still hear you saying “shuwa” Max. Thats what it sounds like when Zambian’s say “sure”.

God Bless You Max for even on your death bed you fulfilled your promise and got me to Kalabo by putting me in touch with Frederick. Thank You. Thank you Thank you!

Max Katyamba ( 195?-2012)

May you rest in Peace like your Country!


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