Starting across The Barotse Plains

We are now starting to cross the Barotse Plains. It is in the northern end of The Kalahari Desert so as you can imagine, mostly sand. This land floods every year due to the heavy rains and this road is impassable from November to May. People can cross the flooded plains by boat but hopefully when the Chinese ( with Zambian workers) finish this road you will be able to drive to Kalabo year round.

Everyone is so friendly.

This is how farmers feed their cattle. They walk with them while they eat.

The best driver in Western Province- Frederick

The best driver in Western Province-Frederick.

The start of the road from Mongu to Kalabo.

If you have ever driven across the Prairies in Canada you will appreciate the length of time but it is the total opposite of flat. If you can imagine It is like a 2hr roller coaster ride on sand, grass & water.

Carl and I both were happy just to look out the window, when it was down, and enjoy the view.

We did have to keep putting the windows up and down to keep the dust out but I didn’t care about the dust. I wanted to see!

I tried to close my window when Frederick closed his but it was hot and the windows had a black privacy film on them.

Where was that nice Hilux 4 x 4 we came in last year?

Here are some pictures we took a long the way. I will save the video for the way home.


They burn the grasses here so the new shoots will be able to get some sun.

The bottom picture is taken with the window UP!


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