Preparing to Travel

The following morning after a delicious breakfast,  which is included with your stay at Kilimanjaro, I set to work.. I might add that Carl was quite impressed that Health, the wonderful manager at Kilimanjaro told us we could have anything on the menu for breakfast. Health is such a gem! He will go out of his way to make sure all your needs are looked after and in a timely manner which I am sure you have heard is unusual for Africa. I wish he worked for me! He not only is great at what he does he is a great guy as well.

Frederick was going to call me once the vehicle was repaired but I needed to get a cooler, the solar chargers from Sunny Monkey and grocery shop and I didn’t know where to go.

I asked Health and sure enough there was a couple getting a ride to somewhere near Sunny Monkey so I hopped into the car with them.

The Kilimanjero driver dropped them off and then took me to Sunny Monkey. I had accomplished my first goal.

Then he took me to a local grocery store,  Melissa’s and I found a cooler for 350000.00KW which was about $65USD. The first one I found was $100USD so that was great! Plus it had a mini cooler in side it. What a bonus!

This grocery store had great prices as well. I bought peanut butter, curry powder, eggs, jam, sugar, honey, and some other spices. I felt bad as the driver was walking with me through the store helping me find the best deals as I had to convert it all from Kwatcha into USD’s  in my head so I would know what I was spending. We had to get going as I had already taken up so much of his time.

I heard from Frederick on the way in the car so we arranged for him to meet us at another grocery store that Kimm had suggested. Frederick came shopping with me. We bought steak & chicken, ground beef, bread( which you cannot find in Kalabo),  oranges, apples, milk, tortillas etc. I spent $450USD to feed whom ever showed up in Kalabo.

I was not sure who was coming! I wanted the whole family to come but I found out the day before I left that Ngebe, Njamba’s twin sister, (17yrs old) was pregnant and it would not be safe for her to travel. They were coming down  the Luanginga River which is a tributary of the Zambezi River in Mualuka’s dug out canoe and it would take them 6 hours to get to Kalabo. Simutumwa, (Mom), was going to stay with Ngebe so she was not coming either. I was very disappointed as I was hoping to cook with the girls and I looked forward to seeing them again. But what can you do? I would now be in Kalabo, cooking for 7 men. The good thing was I would now have met the whole family as I was meeting Njamba’s two brothers and Dominic ( Dad).

Njamba & Ngebe August 2011′ 16 years old.

So… We brought everything back to our room and started packing for our trip to Kalabo the next morning. Carl is an expert packer and I was so happy to have him there.

We ordered our breakfast as a packed lunch for the next day as there is not really anywhere to stop & eat on the long road to Kalabo. We brought a lunch for Frederick as well.

We had a nice dinner on the patio and early to bed!


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