Dogs and Roosters

Another option that we discussed with Frederick was to have Mualuka ( now Councillor due to the volunteer work with World Vision) and Njamba open a bank  account in Mongu. Again there were the issues of them traveling to Mongu every term or even once per year to get the money out of the bank. I would have had to pay the bus fare, food and accommodation for one night in Mongu as you cannot travel both ways in one day. It is a sand dune road which you will see much more of later.

They do not have any I.D. so I took two copies of my company brochure, which has my picture on it, and thought I could leave one copy with the bank and give one copy to Mualuka to show to the bank when they wanted to withdraw.

It was all too complicated.

Frederick suggested a third option. Why not buy a house for the family in Kalabo.

The family could rent it out and use the income to send their 4 children to school. Of course Carl & I understanding the benefits of real estate thought that sounded like a great idea but I had to get to the bottom line. What would a house in Kalabo cost? Frederick said about $10,000.00USD. So unfortunately we were back to square one.

It gets dark in Zambia around 6pm and the infamous  “Letters From Lusaka”Kimm surprized us with a visit. Kimm had lived in Lusaka for around 18 months and has helped me immensely with this undertaking. It was only a short visit as she was in the midst of packing to go back to Michegan but it was wonderful to see her. Thanks again Kimm and we hope to come to visit your new home.

Frederick asked if he could be excused  and left to get some sleep. He would call me when the vehicle was repaired tomorrow.

That evening I woke to Carl moving around the room. I thought he was just going to the washroom but he didn’t come back to bed. A few minutes later I called out his name as I could see a small crack in the bathroom door and the light was still on. I said” are you OK?. He replied” Those F……n dogs! Didn’t you hear those dogs barking? They have been barking all night!”. I said “no, I haven’t heard anything. Wait until you hear the roosters in the morning!”

He was sitting in the wicker chair in the bathroom doing his Saduko so he wouldn’t disturb me. What a sweetheart!

This was just the beginning!


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