New York

Carl & I are so blessed!

We left Toronto around 10am and drove to Buffalo for our flight to New York City. We had always wanted to go, Carl more than I, as I always thought New York was concrete, tall buildings and you couldn’t see the sky. Well I must admit I was pleasantly surprized.

My good friend Dave has always wanted to go to New York City but has yet to do so. He decided to live vicariously through us and paid for our flight on the condition that we would show him all of the pictures.

Thank you Dave.

We had to pay 120.00USD to get all of our luggage to New York so I was a little worried about the potential cost to get it to Zambia.

Luckily our transition from JFK airport to The Best Western Seaport Inn was made seamless by Calvin our Cadillac driver. We were right in the area of where the twin towers fell and knew that the area would have been covered in dust when it happened. We could see the new towers from the road by our hotel. They have one completed and another one half finished. They are not building directly on the spots where the twin towers used to be but are putting in a 6 story underground museum in those spots.

The smaller building on the right of the one under construction is the completed one.

The Best Western was in the old Port area of New York. I must tell you that the rooms were $320.00/night but it only cost us $75.00 /night as we used our air miles. The area was absolutely beautiful with cobblestone streets, ( Just like Old Montreal), shops in old buildings, large boats at the pier and our favorite pub/restaurant “The Bridge Cafe”.

The Oldest Serving Tavern in NewYork is right beside the Brooklyn Bridge.

The building was built in 1794 and has been occupied by grocers, a brothel, saloon and present day restaurant/tavern.

Adam Weprin

It is a cozy, out of the way place that was purchased by Adam Weprin’s father in 1979. Now Adam is the publican extraordinaire. Great food, wine, spirits atmosphere and especially conversation.

We had just spent the day traveling for 7 hours and went in for a drink and a snack before we went to a comedy club north on Broadway. We were treated like royalty, well not like royalty these days, there weren’t any topless pictures in the papers.

We left in plenty of time after getting, what we thought were easy walking directions, and started on our way to the $ 10.00 comedy show recommended by Bill our neighbour at home.

Well I am usually directionally challenged and Carl , master of the roads, is usually spot on going any where. We started walking, seeing the sights along the way and arrived at Broadway. We turned left, even though I thought we should go right, but from past experience I didn’t disagree with Carl’s choice to go left. After walking for about 4 blocks under much scaffolding, ( a very lucrative business in New York by the amount we saw), Carl started second guessing himself. I was biting my tongue! I , as a woman would do, asked two guys for directions. We were going the wrong way!

So we hopped on the subway, ( no easy feat to know which line to get on), and as we were approaching our stop we realized we had 5 minutes to get there.

To my surprize, Carl took it very well, he likes comedy more than I do, and we got back on the subway line headed back to The Bridge Cafe and closed the place!

What a great way to start our holiday. We needed that and were relaxed for the rest of our trip.

The menu is splendid with your typical pub fair but with unique daily appetizers and specials. We wined and dined and Carl got to experience one of his favorite things. Tasting different beers and scotches. He was in heaven.

If you ever get to New York it is well worth the visit.

We had such a great time and as always with my life a wonderful thing happened.

A really nice family, George, Julie and sons Jacob & Joseph from near Manchester came in for a pint and rest after walking all over New York. I started chatting with them and told them our that we were on our way to Zambia to pay for my sponsored child’s high school education. Well I felt blessed when they told me they had just six months ago started sponsoring a child in Zambia. His name was Boniface Kosongo and they thought he was in Nkombi. I couldn’t find it on Google earth so if you are reading this let me know where it actually is.

The next day Carl had booked online for $ 49.00, four bus tours, a boat cruise and a museum.

We did three of the bus tours and the boat cruise, which would have cost $44.00 each had we not booked them online.

It was a great way to see the whole of Manhatten and we loved it.

We even got up close to the Statue of Liberty, which was fine as we couldn’t walk up inside her as they were renovating. Apparently if she needed new shoes they would be a size 800, as per our boat cruise guide.

All in all we had a great time! This could have been a little mini honeymoon as I keep telling Carl we haven’t had one yet. Every time we go away somewhere special, he says” Is this going to be our honeymoon and I say” No not yet!”

We are on a perpetual honeymoon!

Until next time!



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