The Guest House

Then Mamma, Njamba, Ngebe, Jami, David , Max & I climbed back into the vehicle with the rice, bananas on the floor and the suitcases on top. The live chicken’s legs were tied and it was placed under the seat. Jami was not too impressed, being vegetarian and all. I felt so sorry for the chicken so I put it up on the seat as the floor of the vehicle got very hot while traveling.

We bounced our way back to Kalabo with Njamba sitting beside me facing the front, holding onto the head rest behind the driver Max. He was very curious to see where we were going. I think this was his first time in a vehicle, close to the driver any way.






We arrived at the guest house and went into Njamba and Mwualuka’s chalet to give out the gifts while we waited for dinner to be prepared.

Mwualuka explained what I was telling them about everything and mamma was in aw!

Many smiles and looks of shock as I kept handing things to Njamba, Ngebe & Mamma.





I asked Ngebe if she could sew and she said yes. I said good because I brought you a lot of material. I brought them the remaining samples I had left from when my sisters and I made three quits out of samples. There was enough material there for them to make at least two quilts. I also brought a small photo album with some pictures of Canada, the quilts we made & Me.









Mwuakuka explained what the packaged children’s underwear & adult socks were it to Mamma but she had to open the package to see for herself. I will never forget her crinkled brow as she looked at the black sized 10 socks.

I have the same wrap myself and I gave one to Ngebe





I explained that she could take all of the children’s clothes back and hand them out as she saw fit. To her grandchildren or whom ever. She kept leaning back aghast which each item I handed her. A tarp for Mr. Kazaka, a saw and shirt for Kufuku, another soccer ball and pump for Mutiowa. David was taking pictures all the while and I left them for a few minutes to get the pillow for Mamma I had left in my chalet. David said that when I left they were all jumping up and down with joy. As an after thought I gave Ngebe a pair of burgundy wool gloves that I had brought for myself as I had heard that the night safaris could be cold. Of course it was cold when we went and  I forgot to wear them. I think that was the most popular gift.

I bought the same shorts for Damon

I left them to rest and absorb all that had happened myself as we were waiting for our meal to be prepared. The ADP manager had asked the owner of the chalet to prepare us a meal and I gave her 100,000.00ZK ( 20.00USD) to buy 2 chickens, some rice & veggie( which in Zambia is shredded kale with onions fried).

After about ½ hour I returned to their chalet, which was only next door and Njamba had experienced his first shower and had on his new clothes. Njamba & Ngebe each had one of the burgundy gloves on. Then I guess this was his party so the next thing I knew he had both gloves on which remained there all evening, except to eat his meal. When I first saw him with one glove I said, Woo! Michael Jackson and he smiled. I am not sure if he knew who Michael Jackson was or if he just smiled from sheer excitement.


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  1. Really liked this blog portion. How wonderful to share this family celebration. Its nice to be able to read and see the pictures after hearing you describe it. Thanks.

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