Gum Balls

After Njamba left with the mattress I remembered the gum balls I had carried for all those miles.

Luckily I wore my layered dress so I had the ADP manager( can you tell I can’t remember his name) dump some of the gum balls into a fold in my dress. He then told everyone to get in a single line. Once they were in single file he told me to come to the opposite end of the line. I was aghast as there was a little boy who had stood in front of me very patiently and politely and now he was going to be at the end of the line. I grabbed his arm as the manager was pulling mine and said, come with me. He was the first one I gave a gum ball to.






I was standing in the hot sun for at least ½ hour going down the line while they took one gum ball out of my dress. The line seemed to keep on going. We were on the last batch of gum balls and I had a crowd  now in front of me. The word had spread and adults and children a like we coming from the surrounding villages. I probably had about 20 people in front of me and was running out of gum balls. I had little hand sticking up through bigger hands and I could ‘t see who they were attached too. I bent down to try to give to the little ones. I bent down and saw a little face and had to force my hand in the pile to find his.. I managed to get one to him. It was so hot as we were standing in full sun so the gum balls were starting to melt in my hand.

I kept saying only one. I could see some of them chewing so I pointed with my chin and said to one, chew and when they chewed I knew they already had one. I would then move on the next person and say chew. It turned out in the end that they were all standing in front of me with their hands out chanting Chew, Chew, and Chew. I guess they misunderstood. By the way the ADP Manager gave Njamba 4 gums balls, so at least he got some.


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