Luoke West

All of a sudden I saw out the window a sign painted on the side of a what I remember to be yellow building. The Luoke Health Centre. There was a woman standing under the over hang in front and I was worried about taking a picture as you really should ask permission to do so. But I knew we were finally here and I wanted to capture it.

The 2nd. WV vehicle was a head of us as we would not fit all of our luggage, Njamba’s family & ourselves in one vehicle for the trip out so they provided another one.

We pulled up beside a large tree and all got out.

Sitting under the tree in the shade was a group of men in there best suits and beside them another group of women & children in brightly coloured wraps & blouses.

They had a row of 4 or five chairs facing these groups and asked me to sit in the

Mwualuka in the orange shirt is the interpreter

middle chair with arms. I sat down and the ADP manager sat on my left and Jami on my right. A woman associated with WV gave a speech and a man translated. (who now I know was Mwualuka) She welcomes me to their village, talked about WV, and explained that there was going to be a play in my honour. They presented to me a story of the disadvantages of going to a witch doctor vs. the health centre. The four men who preformed where stupendous especially the man who was sick. It turned out that in the play he had aids and was saved by the medicine from the health centre and had he not gone there he would have died as the witch doctors methods were not working.

It was very nice but my mind was elsewhere and I was anxious for them to take me to my child!

I got a rush of excitement and tears when they said we were going now to see Njamba. We started walking over the hot sand as it was probably about12:30hours. We walked in front of Njamba’s school and had our pictures taken and then I think we walked about 100 yards to his village. I am confused at this point because I have pictures of us getting out of a vehicle at his village. I think I have blocked that part out.

We walked around the corner of a lean too shelter made of grass & crooked wooden poles. There was a tattered cream colour tarp on the roof full of holes and long grass on top of that. When I was in the hut I noticed, again a row of wooden chairs and only the middle one had a green seat cover on it. Someone asked me to sit and both chairs on either side of me were empty. There were woven mats on the floor and they put a box covered in a beautiful bright multicoloured green cloth on top of it.

The ADP manager sat a few chairs over to my right and I heard someone say, Meet your friend Njamba. I didn’t see him come in so I said ”Where is he? And looked around in a panic. I looked to my left and there he was sitting in one of the wooden chairs about three chairs away. I recognized him immediately and gave him a big teary smile. Some one said something to him and he came over and shook my hand. Then someone said give her a hug so he did. Luckily I had a Kleenex in my hand, from where it came I do not know.

We hugged & I cried and laughed at the same time.

He then sat beside me on my right.

I am so thankful that Jami was video taping this and David was taking pictures as it is all quite a blur.

Next his older sister Nyambe came with her daughter (about 8 months). She is 34yrs old and beside her was Ngebe, Njamba’s twin sister. I asked if this was Njamba’s mother and she said her name( Nyambe) and I recognized her and we hugged. Then She introduced me to Ngebe and we hugged.

Nyambe and baby

Then Njamba’s mamma came into the hut. The ADP manager said this is Njamba’s mother . I was about to get up to greet her and she dove at me and gave me a big hug and kissed me right on the lips. It was very emotional. She knelt in front of me and I said, looking to David for moral support and to refresh my memory, “ Mutozi cwani” ( Good afternoon in Silozi). Mom said Mutozi something and we all laughed. Then I said “ Kina Joanne ( I am Joanne) and we all laughed. It had only taken me 700K to memorize how to say that.

I asked about Kufuku the oldest brother, Mr. Kazaka & Mutiowa the youngest brother. I was told they were away. David had told me in the vehicle that they were at a funeral in a town we passed on the way to Mongu. I suppose that Njamba would have been there also had I not been scheduled to come.

I asked if Mom was coming to the guest house and she said yes. I said that they had a very nice village & a beautiful country and I thanked WV for allowing me to sponsor Njamba. He kept sneaking peaks at me and me him.

His mother then excused herself and said she would be back. This was all explained to me from the interpreter Mwualuka.

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