World Vision

It turns out WV had trouble with the vehicle arrangements so we didn’t head off until around10:30hours but it allowed me to get three avocados right from the tree to take to Njamba’s family

avacados from Chaminuka

We had so much luggage and only a car, so fortunately a bus that had just dropped off some clients at Chaminuka took David & our luggage and Jami & I went in the car with Max.

We picked up the large 4×4 Hilux which was to be our day time home for the next 4 days, gassed up inLusaka and set on our way.

I was so excited to finally be on the road to Njamba.

Entering kafue National Park

We drove through the city and headed out onto The Great West road to Mongu. As far as I can remember, about an hour into our trip we landed at the gates ofKafueNational Park. It is a 225,000k.sq. land mass of African bush and we saw Elephants out of the van window. You have to say how many people are in the vehicle on the way in and they check on the way out if you still have the same number. Poaching is a huge problem in, I am guessing, all ofAfrica. There are no wild animals inZambia, apart from dogs that are really illegal to own, who roam free except in the national parks. The people have killed them all for food as there is little to eat in the bush. We saw lots of little villages, or clusters of huts a long the way. There is a little area of shops at each gate where you can buy bananas or peanuts in a plastic bag fresh picked. I noted that there were no dogs running after our vehicle at these stops which is due to the fact that the dogs would kill the animals in the park so they were not allowed and it was enforced.

It took us about 2 hrs to drive through the park going 120 K. I am so pleased that they have so many National Parks inZambiaand the Zambians are really trying to stop poaching.

Because we were behind schedule we were to stay in Mongu overnight and travel early the next morning to Kalabo. It took us about 6 hours to get to Mongu in total David and Max kindly took me to buy a mattress which I paid 270,000.00ZK ( $55.00USD) and then for dinner in a nice restaurant. David & Max ordered a T-Bone steak each & I wanted to save mine for our last stop on the trip at Pioneer Camp as they boasted the best T-bone inLusaka. I ordered steak pieces with fries & coleslaw. I felt bad for David & Max as I couldn’t eat mine. It was so tough & grizzly, and I rarely eat fries but they were good. David was so trying to take great care of us and I didn’t eat my meal.

Mongu was really booked up so we were only able to get a guest house that wasn’t the best, but I was closer to Njamba.

Mongu where we had dinner

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