Sugar Bush & Chaminuka

We drove in her black Hilux on the red dirt roads to Sugar Bush. It is a wonderful restaurant/store where I bought an exquisite hand made leather bag. Gillie the owner employees Zambians to die textiles and make the bags for her shop. We had a wonderful lunch there with produce from the organic garden just outside and were on our way back to Kilimanjaro as we had to be in Chamanuka that afternoon.

Ann from Kilimanjero

arranged for her driver to take us the 45 minute drive to Chaminuka on the bumpiest roads I had ever experienced. We were vibrating in the car and I told the driver that people inCanadapay to sit in chairs that do the same thing. I feel like I lost 5 lbs on that trip which actually took at least 11/2 hours.

Millie this one is for you, as you like photographing booze. You will have to Mosi on over to Africa yourself to see those Elephants and have a beer.

We arrived safely and checked into our gorgeous room over looking one of the three man made lakes on the 10,000.00 acre property. We had dinner and then went on a night drive. It was amazing! We saw African buffalo, they are all black with curly horns and heaps of antelope (they have 72 different kinds on the property). We saw two young giraffes, mongoose, hyenas ( in a compound), and lots of termite mounds. It was pretty cold, about 7 degrees and of course I left my gloves in the room.

We came back & I had a tea by the fire in the common area and then off to bed looking forward to our game drive the next morning.

Our Safari guide James & driver John

Jami & I petting " Duff"

After a quick granola bar we had a long with us, for such occasions, we started off on our daylight safari game drive. Again we were with James our guide & John the driver and another woman, her son and a friend of her husbands. We saw many antelope and big birds, an adult giraffe (darker spots that the young ones), a 3 metre python the hyenas and lions (in compounds), guinea fowl and again many termite mounds. It is really amazing as the termite mounds grow around the base of a tree and are supposed to be mutually beneficial to both as the allow water to penetrate to the roots of the tree. They were huge and I think eventually killed the tree. The best part though was petting Duff. He is an African Elephant, one of three on the property. The female was Kachele and the baby Taonga.

That afternoon we went horse back riding and to a wine and cheese tasting in the cheese factory on the property. We came back & had a light dinner as we had just eaten the cheese and the next morning WV was supposed to pick us up at7:30hours.

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